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Knee Pain & Immobility

“I had been suffering from joint pain on my right knee for more than 10 years. I had been visiting my regular doctor but I found that the pain killers were effective for a short period of time and there after my pains were getting worse. I was also warned of the adverse side effects of the pain killers on my stomach and kidney. I had not been able to travel for holidays in the last 5 years as I limped most of the time. Sometimes the pains were so unbearable that I could not even climb up stairs or step down from my bed in the morning.

In March 2004 I read in a local news paper (Lianhe Wanbao) about Naturo® Joint Health and it explained the main reason of my knee pain was due to the wear and tear of the cartilage in between the bones which acted like cushion. As the cartilage was worn off and bone rub against bone and that caused the pain and sometimes swelling.

I decided to give the product a try as it contains natural ingredients which had no harmful chemical side effects. I did not feel any improvement during the first two weeks of consumption. In the third week, I began to realise that my pain had been reduced. By the end of eighth week, I was able to walk comfortably and going to market with ease. I also realised that I can climb up stairs without much difficulty.

That gave me confidence to continue the consumption; which I also realised was not heaty at all. At the end of the second month, most of my neighbours were surprised that I can move around easily without limping. I also started to recommend them Naturo® Joint Health.

In December 2004, I had my first holidays with my children to Taiwan. In 2005 I travelled to Bangkok and China with my husband and children. Thanks to the Naturo® Joint Health.”

Mdm Lee, Age 68

Shoulder Ache

“I had been suffering a shoulder ache since I took on golf two years ago. I have seen doctor and the pain killers did not helped after 3 months of consumption. I have to take heavier dosage. I had also seen Chinese Physician and massage relieved the pain for about 2 weeks but the shoulder pain came back again.

My golf buddy recommended me Naturo® Joint Health as it helped to reduce the pain in his right hand fingers. I took for two weeks and did not have any improvement. I decided to call the company’s consumer hotline and the manager explained to me that the carbonated drinks that I took during the golf game hindered the healing of the cartilages of the shoulder blade. I stopped consuming carbonated drinks and to my amazement, the pain reduced drastically after additional two weeks of consuming Naturo® Joint Health.

Mr Tan, Age 36

Squatting Problem

“I am in the pharmaceutical industry and I do not believe in natural ingredients health supplements even though I am a distributor of some natural ingredient health supplements. One day in September 2005, I suddenly suffered hip pain and I cannot squad down as I felt really painful when I squat down to pick up things.

I visited my regular doctor and he said there was nothing wrong with me and gave me pain killers and some analgesic cream to rub. The following two weeks was very painful for me and I decided to go for Chinese traditional massage. The pain got worse so much so that I could not sleep at night.

I consulted the manager of Naturo Health International and he explained to me that my pain was mainly due to the old injuries and that the cartilages in between the hip bones were worn off. I decided to take Naturo® Joint Health even though I was still skeptical. During the first week I realised that the pain was subsiding. That encouraged me to continue and in the third week I was able to squad down as usual experiencing only minor pain.

Now, I can squad down freely without pain. I just take 2 capsules once a day as maintenance instead of 2 capsules twice a day for initial months.”

Mr Ho, Age 48


“I have been suffering from uric acid since I turned 40. My regular doctor’s drugs were helpful but could not helped me to eradicate the problems, The pains at my knee and elbow at times were so unbearable especially after my favourite duck and beef.

My friend who has the similar uric acid problem recommended me Naturo® Joint Health plus advised me not to take too much meat. I tried and found that in the first week the pain seemed reduced. But during the second week the pains come back again as I ate a lot of curry fish and meat. I called the manager at Naturo Health International and the manager advised me the pains are due to the uric acid that had been built up due to too much intake of meat and carbonated drinks. In addition my constipation problems had aggravated the gout pains. He recommended me twice daily to take Naturo® Colon Health Pure Dietary Fiber before meals and Naturo® Joint Health Pure Glucosamine 2 capsules twice after meals for one month.

I realised that the meat, carbonated drinks and constipation are the main culprits to my uric acid pains. I decided to reduce the consumption of meat and carbonated drinks for one month. In addition to Naturo® Colon Health, I also took a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also take Naturo® Joint Health faithfully. All these helped me to pass motion everyday at ease and to reduce the gout pains even from the first week onwards. There was no turning back as my age is catching up with 3 teenage children. I cannot afford not to be able to function normally. Thanks also to Naturo products.”

Mr William Tan, Age 46

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