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My bowel movements had not been regular for more than 5 years. I did not like to eat vegetables and because of my outdoor job, I drank very little water everyday. Two months ago in March 2005 I came across a lot of articles on colorectal cancer and I learned that one of the main causes of the cancer was constipation. I began to notice that I passed motion only two to three times a week, often with difficulties.

I read in the advertisement that Naturo® Colon Health Pure Dietary Fibre is able to assist in passing motion naturally without side effects. I bought and tried the sachet powder which contains no flavorings, no colorings, no chemical additive. The first time I mixed with my chocolate hot drink, it became lumpy and just gelled up. I found it not pleasant to drink. I read the brochure again and follow the instruction carefully and I realized that mixing with about 300ml of ready to drink warm or cold drink are easy and made it a pleasant drink, especially with cold honey water or orange juice. With sufficient liquid (about 500ml), it would not gel up at all. Anyway, we need plenty of fluid for a healthy body.

The next day I did not pass motion but I continue to take one sachet in the morning and one before dinner. To my relief in the following morning, my stool was easy without much effort and in bulky form too. I never passed so much stools before.

From that day, my wish of reducing constipation naturally came true. I continued to take one sachet of Naturo® Colon Health in the morning and one sachet in the evening. Since then, I was able to pass motion everyday. Now, I just take one sachet a day. I found it is best to take it first thing in the morning. Surprisingly, my cholesterol has also reduced by 15% after three months of consumption of Naturo® Colon Health. I am not sure whether it is due to the Naturo products or a change in my diet to more fruits and vegetables.

Ms Lim, Age 27


I had been suffering piles since 2002. When I passed motion, the piles protruding out and caused much discomfort and sometimes pains. At times it bleed but bleeding managed to stop quite fast if I sat on it, so it was not of major concern to me. After sometimes I realised that the bleeding was mainly due to my previous dinners of taking too much beef, spicy & chilli and deep fried food. So I consciously reduced those foods that caused my bleeding and it worked!

But I still experienced the uncomfortable piles. One day in May 2005, my close friend recommended me Naturo® Colon Health and asked me to try the powder in sachets and advised me to mix with cold beverage like milk, honey and juices. I tried the sachets continuously for three days and I was able to pass motion with ease every morning. He also told me to eat more fruits and vegetables, if possible salad vegetable without dressing except with extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil.

I continued healthier diet together with two sachets of Naturo® Colon Health Pure Dietary Fibre for the next three months and I realized that my piles seldom occurred. I began to enjoy the diet of more fruits & vegetables and eat less red meat & spicy food. Until now, I do not seem to have any piles bleeding. Now I am taking the Naturo® Colon Health in capsules as it is more convenient and drinking plenty of warm water. I am able to pass motion at ease every morning.

Mr Tan, Age 53

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