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Bloatedness? Acid Reflux? Cancer?

It is commonly understood and accepted nowadays that the accumulation of acid waste in the body is the common originating cause of most sickness. Acidosis which is a condition, in which there is too much acid in the body fluid, precedes and provokes diseases.

When the body reaches limits of increasing acid toxins within the body, the digestive tract and other body tissues begin to express through a house-cleaning process that takes various forms: tiredness, pain, diarrhea, headache, skin eruptions, abscesses (boils), rheumatism, inflammation, catarrhs (exudates of mucus), fevers or other acute disease.

Virtually all degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney and gall stones, and tooth decay are associated with excess acidity in the body. While the body has a homeostatic mechanism that maintains a constant pH 7.4 in the blood, this mechanism works by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from other locations including the bones, soft tissues, body fluids and saliva..

How Does Cancer Occur?

According to Keiichi Morishita in his Hidden Truth of Cancer, if the blood develops a more acidic condition, some normal cells die and some other cells may adapt in that acidic environment. In other words, instead of dying as normal cells do in an acid environment, some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function or with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer.

It is found that healthy cells are alkaline and cancer cells are acidic; and that cancer cells thrive and multiply vigorously in an acidic body environment which promotes invasive tumor growth in primary and metastatic cancers. Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will continue to live. This has given rise to a variety of treatments based on increasing the alkalinity of the tissues such as vegetarian diet, the drinking of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and dietary supplementation with alkaline minerals. But nothing can compare to the instant alkalinizing power of Alkali-Health bicarbonates for safe, speedy and effective treatment of weakening of cancer cells.

It is found that in a slight alkaline body fluid at below pH 7.9 like most of the alkaline water generators, cancer cells can adapt and survive. Thus it is important to note that when we are combating cancer cells, it is advisable to quickly maintain our body fluid at pH 8.5, at which healthy cells will continue to live while cancer cells will die.

But as our body has a homeostatic mechanism that maintains a constant pH 7.4 in the blood, the excess of alkalinity will be balanced and flushed out through urination. Thus after taking Alkali-Health, the subsequent urine pH will be around pH8+. In such process, the cancer cells will be weakened without harming normal cells. In addition, if one collects urine after taking Alkali-Health, and leave the urine sample to cool down (e.g. leave it overnight), one will observe a layer of oil film on top of the urine. Alkali-Health is one of the best to rid unwanted excess oil/fat from our system.

Benefits of Naturo Alkali-Health

Naturo Alkali-Health is specially formulated to ensure that our blood is optimally maintained at pH 7.35 to pH7.45 to provide safe, speedy & effective recovery of our body system within a short period of time.

It also helps in:

  • Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, Bloatedness, Acid Reflux, Heart Burn
  • Chronic Indigestion, Flatulent, Stomach pains, Peptic Ulcer
  • Preventing osteoporosis and improving bone mass density
  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) to prevent the deterioration of the rate of decline in kidney function
  • Protecting kidney tissues from the toxicity and harm done by highly toxic chemicals used in chemotherapy and radioactive damage

Special Note: It is important to note that Alkali-Health is not a standalone single solution for combating cancer. It should always be used in conjunction with a full protocol that includes most importantly to boost up immune system to fight against cancerous cells plus a naturopathic & holistic approach to diet selection, colon detoxification, specific organs nourishments, sun exposure and lifestyle changes. All these, provide a holistic approach to combat cancer cells more effectively.

Dosage: Mix 1 teaspoonful of powder with 150ml of warm water. Drink 1 to 3 times a day. Best taken 1 hour after meal or as and when stomach discomfort.

Health Tips: Do not drink carbonated drinks. Refrain from oily, deep-fried food, snacks & peanuts. Must refrain from red meat & protein for serious kidney failure person, but eat more selective fruits & vegetables.

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